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  • Highly Recommended

    This is a company that clearly puts the customer first , the transaction was quick , precise and without fuss . Clayton retains contact throughout the whole process to the point that you receive an email when it is ready for you to collect at the post office .
    The product is well priced and is what it is represented as . I purchased a GPS for the I PAD and it is brilliant , bad elf is a terrific product .
    This is definitely a company that deserves to succeed , I would have no hesitation in purchasing from Blue Sky Navigation again .
    Thanks Clayton
  • First Class Service

    Have had my HEMA Navigator HN7 for 6 months. The service from Clayton & team is first class. The HEMA has done everything I knew it would & more. Clayton's assistance & wealth of knowledge is exceptional & I fully recommend Blue Sky Navigation to any prospective customer.
  • Service Second to None

    Peter W, Albion, Victoria
    Hi Clayton,
    Thanks for your help with the purchase of the Hema HN7. Your service was second to none, I've never experienced such excellent customer service in your emails, phone calls and will highly recommend you to anyone I hear of that is looking for GPS products.
    Thanks again. Peter.
  • Hema Navigator

    Hi Clayton,
    Thanks, you were as good as your word: The package indeed arrived as promised the very next day.
    Best regards,
  • Hema Navigator

    G'day Clayton,
    FYI Navigator arrived yesterday.  Couldn't wait to get it going.
    Many thanks for your prompt service, little extras, etc.  Will not hesitate to send customers your way.
    Am very pleased.
  • Excellent Service

    Mate, received the item excellent service! 
  • Impressive!

    Hi Clayton,
    Just received my HN7 after only ordering in Tuesday, heaps faster and less drama than the Navman road GPS from Dick Smith! 
    Looking forward to using it on weekend and going away next week. 
    Had to give you the feedback as I am blown away so far!
  • Thankyou

    Thank you everything you said you would do you did, a good easy experience after sending over $600 to a web site. When I need something else I will not hesitate to buy it through you. Once again thank you
  • Great Service!

    Thanks so much Clayton.
    Having fun with the Hema Nav 7 already on the weekend.
    Great product and loving the extras in your package as well. Looking forward to Pat’s stuff when ready as well.
    Kind regards.
  • Hema - Quick Service

    Just want to say a big thank you for being so quick sending my purchase from you. I'm very pleased with it.
  • Hema Very Quick!

    Clayton thank you very much, I was quiet surprised to have received my Hema Navigator HN7 24 hours after I ordered it.
    I was waiting for the email to track my parcel but the Hema arrived before the email.
    Great work now all I have to do is learn how to use it.
    From the Hawkesbury below the Blue Mountains outside Sydney NSW.
  • Hema Navigator


    Hi Clayton,
    I received your Hema HN7 package yesterday. Thank you for your very prompt and helpful service. I'm looking forward to plugging it in with the camera and checking out all of its features.
    My circle of friends all have Land Rover Defenders and I expect there will be some interest in how I set it all up and hopefully I will steer them your way if they want to make any purchases.
    Kind regards,

  • Hema Navigator - Great Service

    Mick G
    Hi Clayton,
    I got the Hema yesterday. 
    Thanks for the prompt delivery, great service.
  • Bad Elf - Great Service

    Rod J
    Hi Clayton
    Thanks for keeping me informed I got it yesterday. Great Service .
  • Hema Navigator - Professional Service

    Melissa M
    Hi Clayton,

    Thanks for your fast, friendly, professional service.  Your replies to my emails were super quick, answering everything I wanted to know.  My order was in the mail the same day I placed it; and I received it two days later.  The price I paid was better than any other I had found, and included some extra things which was even better. I'm glad I found your website and I'm very happy with the whole process.  Would definitely recommend you to others!

    Feel free to use my above feedback on your new website :)

    Thanks for the extras included in the deal (sun visor, etc.), and the reversing camera and pens/stickers also. 

    Kind regards
  • Hema Navigator - Impressive Service

    Nick H

    Hi Clayton,

    I have received in good working order the HN7 GPS that I ordered Monday evening. I have to tell you Clayton that I am so very impressed with your service; it is almost unbelievable that someone could order something on a Monday evening and receive it Wednesday afternoon!

    Well done to all at Blue Sky Navigation and rest assured Clayton that your business cards have indeed been handed out to my friends and family and I will continue to praise your standards of service, well done indeed.

    Cheers and have a great day.
    Nick H.

  • Bad Elf Pro, excellent customer service

    Clive M
    Just picked up the BE GPS 1008. Already plugged into my IPad mini and working well. Thanks for prompt delivery and excellent customer service.
    Clive M
  • Bad Elf Pro, prompt delivery

    Neil R

    Thanks for the prompt delivery and automatic delivery status emails. I picked the parcel up from the post office on Saturday.

    The Bad Elf Pro was very easy to setup and get working with my iPads and Hema maps and other program's that use the current location, and the BE app made it easy to configure.

    I am amazed at how quickly the GPS gets satellite locks even when indoors, and when outdoors it takes only a few seconds.

    So far I am really happy and impressed by how it works, and so easy!

    Many thanks for the good advice, prompt service and a great product.

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