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Personal locator beacons

Keep your family and friends safe on your next bushwalking or outdoor adventure by taking a Personal Locator beacon with you. A personal locator beacon or PLB for short is a device that when activated during and emergency transmits a signal to search and rescue forces to come rescue you. This signal is transmitted on a network which has dedicated world-wide frequencies and is monitored for distress beacons.

Our range of PLBs have GPS receivers making it easier and quicker for rescuers to reach your location, because lets face it when you want rescuing time is of the essence.

Make sure you register you PLB before leaving on your next outdoor adventure.

RescueME PLB1 personal locator beacon

rescueME PLB1

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Why register my personal locator beacon.

A registered beacon allows AMSA Search and Rescue to phone your emergency contacts and look up important information to initiate a response as soon as possible. An unregistered beacon slows down this process, which might result in a delayed response.

To register your beacon please follow this link

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