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Mapscape is a new product from Spatial Vision that delivers high quality, pre-tiled map imagery, similar in nature to Google and Bing Maps but offering a number of important benefits. Mapscape is available in a range of sector specific thematic data sets.

Mapscape will deliver mapping that is:

  • authoritative – built from official government data suitable for use by groups like Emergency Services Agencies e.g. Victorian Country Fire Authority and State Emergency Services
  • high quality – features the high quality topographic mapping that has become synonymous with the name Spatial Vision, through our Vicmap Booksand flat map range.
  • detailed – comprising millions of high quality map tiles at multiple zoom scales, from overview to street level
  • flexible – can be consumed in different platforms including mobile devices such as iPads, as web services or in your corporate GIS
  • targeted – available in a range of sector specific thematic data sets including emergency, environmental, coastal, surface & groundwater management, tourism, etc.
  • portable - can be loaded on to mobile devices and used offline

Spatial Vision’s first Mapscape product is Mapscape - Emergency Victoria.
Mapscape - Emergency Victoria is specifically designed for Victoria’s emergency services sector.
Purchase the app from the app store and then the data from us.

Mapscape - Emergency Victoria at a glance:

  • High quality cartography focussed on communicating complex information Provides rich topographic views of rural Victoria
  • Uses authoritative data from government sources
  • Complements Spatial Vision’s Vicmap Books which are used & trusted by Victorian Emergency Services (e.g. CFA, SES)
  • Portable and can be loaded to mobile devices Usable offline; does not require a 3G connection Compatible with iOS applications
  • Desktop GIS Compatible
  • Multiple Zoom Levels
  • Support standard printing scales (e.g. 1:50,000, 1:25,000) Regular updates
  • Based on OGC WMTS Standards

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