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Mavic Pro 4k camera drone
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The Mavic Pro drone is a take anywhere drone allowing you to take stunning footage of your next outdoor trek or adventure. The Mavic Pro has a true 4K fully stabilized camera and the whole drone folding down to the size of a bottle of water.


Mavic Pro Features

Large flying and video streaming range.

The pocket sized remote houses a powerful OcuSync transmission giving your drone a range of 7k and allows full HD 1080p / 720p video streaming.

Easy safe flying

Avoid accidental crashes with Mavic Pro’s FlightAutonomy system. The Forward Vision System give you the ability to fly up to 36kph and automatically avoid visible obstacles as far away as 15m. You can also avoid crashing into the ground as the Mavic can fly be set to fly at same level hight above the ground including over uneven ground.

The Vision Positioning system gives you the ability for more precise hovering and to automatically land in almost the same place as you took off from.

Fly longer and further

You can fly up to a range of 7km and a flying time of 27min.

Shoot like a pro with clearer and more stable footage

Capture 4k footage at 30 frames a second with Mavic Pro’s camera and with it’s 3 axis mechanical camera stabilisation system you can take clear photos and smooth video without loosing a pixel.

With the Mavic’s ActiveTrack system you can also capture footage like a pro with three different tacking mode:

  • Trace. Follow from behind or in front, or circle the subject as they move.
  • Profile. Keep your subject in profile as they move. In this mode the drone will fly alongside subject as they move.
  • Spotlight. Keep the camera trained on your subject as you fly your drone almost anywhere.

Activating the tripod mode will make your Mavic respond with more precise and slowed movements giving you the ability to fine tune your camera position. This is also useful fore the you want to fly indoors or cramped spaces.

Drone range

Learn how to pick and fly your drone.

When you buy a drone from Blue Sky you will also get a copy of Drones for dummies for free.

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